Tuesday, 19 January 2010

German wooden figure

Bon jour violets!  What a fun way to start the day!!!
I found this little treasure in an antique mall in Tucson and just now noticed that along with "made in Germany", the owner had penned in the date:
Oct. 11, 1955.........the day before my 4th birthday!!!!
I guess this little girl knitting away was somehow meant to find its way into my heart and home!  I have always loved these little German wooden figures, starting with the tiny angel candle holders that decorated all of our birthday cakes growing up. I have a few stashed away in a drawer somewhere which I must hunt for one of these days.  Today is:  finish up a certain papier mache project that is long overdue!!!!!!  Fondly-  Oolie

1 comment:

  1. I have collected those wonderful German figures for many years...
    The one you have looks like a real treasure!
    I found one in an antique mall in NC when I was there in Nov.
    I may have put her with the Christmas stuff, but if I can find her, I will post her, too, so your little one has a "friend"....like US!

    Snow up there?
    LOTS here!