Monday, 18 January 2010


You guys have all been so busy, I have had a life of snow and children as of late, so have been unable to be too thoughtful with my own work and have just embraced their world.
Beinn came home from school and had learnt how to make paper cuts outs. "They look like snow flakes", he kept cutting and cutting them, a mound of white paper littered the floor and the more he cut them out, the more that snow fell out of the sky. Large thick, heavy, wet Atlantic snowflakes covering the earth, the trees, houses and cars, showing us everyday objects in a new and beautiful light. In the morning Evan wanted to make a "piglet" his word for an igloo. So out we went and spent hours making our "piglet" the roof proved to be a little testing, but we found branches and covered them in a large old plastic bag and then added more snow on top. Beinn found an old Christmas Tree so we stuck it in front and covered it in snow balls to make it look pretty. They both went inside and had a snack.
I am now thinking about making cut outs to stick on a papier machie house. Beinn loved them and is encouraging me to make a quilt using the idea. I showed him lace on cloth which is very similar and am now mulling over some ideas. Hope you are all well and are being creative in the world. Joanna


  1. Joanna,
    I'd say that making a piglet (love that name) is quite a creative project that many of us would not be able to achieve with as much oompf as you. Ah a quilt to be used in the piglet perhaps?

  2. Joanna(er)-
    So lovely to see and hear what is going on in your world way over there! Is it unusual to have all that snow falling in Bath.....does London have it as well? I just love how your boys come up with an idea and you are off running with it.....they are very lucky to have such a creative and patient Mom!!!! I remember well cutting snowfalkes out of white napkins and hanging them in the windows. We have built many a snowman over the years, but never a "piglet"!!!!!! Fondly- Julie/Oolie

  3. Joanna - I love the way you write!
    And I wish I was there to build "piglets" with you and the boys.
    I like the idea of a quilt with cut-out snowflakes sooo much!
    And, of course, the house with them papier mache-d on.
    Snow is such a delight, especially when there is hot cocoa inside.

    Miss you so much!
    Have a great week!

  4. mmmm sounds as if you are being much more creative than we are cos you are thinking on your feet!! your boys sound like so much fun, wish mine were that young again, even for one day!

  5. Hi Joanna,

    You may like to see if you could find a book on Hawaiian quilting at the library - they use those paper cut patterns to make quilts.

    Good luck - from someone without children, without a job and without a husband who still finds the idea of making a quilt too insurmountable and exhausting!!! Maybe I'll do something tomorrow to start on that outrageous quantity of fabric, yarn, etc. I bought with me to my new home, that I had such high hopes for. Your energy and enthusiasm is inspiring.

    Best wishes