Monday, 11 January 2010

Julie Arkell house

I did this posting all by myself....please bear with does takes practice!!!!!!  I accidentally knocked over this gorgeous papier mache house in Julie's studio in London this past Sept. and promptly fell in love with it!  Sadly, it was on its way to the John Derian store in SoHo, NYC.  Lucky me...I found it in the store waiting for me while in NYC in Nov.!!!!!!  Julie's unique method of sewing words, flowers, trees, etc. into paper with yarn, and then papier mache-ing them onto a creature, or in this case onto a house, just captivates my imagination and love of folk art.  The "sidewalk" leading up to the front brown polka-dot door is varying sizes of wool sewn together.  On one of the "thin sides" of the house she has sewn:  In My House.  I can't wait for our next phone conversation to let her know that her "In My House" now resides in MY house in a place where I see it many times a day!  Fondly-  Oolie  


  1. Okay...this is wierd....I am commenting on my own that considered "talking to yourself"? Anyhoo.......I had hoped to post 2 photos, but only 1 appeared....not the "front" side with the wool sidewalk. Oh well, I hope to get better at this! Oolie

  2. That is a great story about wanting the house and finding it in NY. It is a neat house. I have never seen a Julie A. house before. I think you are doing good at this blog stuff. Maybe next time you can show the front of the house with one of Julie's characters knocking on the door. Keep blogging.

  3. Oh My God!
    A Monster has been created!!!
    You have gone crazy, lady!
    I am sooooo proud of you!!!!
    (it is pretty fun, isn't it?)


  4. A Happy House!
    Thank´s for showing it and keep on blogging!

  5. OOOHH So gorgeous I really want to go and make a house of my own now! very inspirational
    So pleased that you got to own the house!!!!

  6. ohhhh!

    I would FLY to France to be there...
    how did you find out about his course? I would KILL to be a student to hers!