Saturday, 9 January 2010

Fun in the Mail

So, the New Year's cards are in the mail. (most of them)
I have been feeling pretty happy, so the envelopes are painted up a bit. I have not sent cards in a very long time. It sure was fun printing them...and writing them...and sending them. 
I love getting mail.

Before Christmas, I had found this little box with a heart in it and fell in love.
I have always loved the art that Patience Brewster makes. Her style and whimsy are 100% HER and I smile just thinking about it.
She and I have a mutual friend, Debbie, whom I finally met last month when she visited Santa Fe. After her visit, she sent me this incredible towel with a dachshund on it! I could not believe it. 
(my first "child" was a dachshund)
Apparently, Debbie told Patience about my dachsie thing and in the mail today I received this little box from Patience - 
with a dachshund in it!!!!!
I feel like a very lucky girl. I wish that I had taken a better photo, but can't you tell how magical it is?  Thanks to you, Patience, for sending this little treasure to me.
I LOVE it!!!


  1. I love that towel, you can really see how satisfied the dog is with the life as a housewife!
    The box is a GREAT gift from a great friend to a great person...
    You are a lucky girl but you also make people around you, happy!

  2. YOU are so sweet, dear Becky!
    Thanks for your comments...always....


  3. oops, correction. Ann Russell sent you the dachshund towel, not Debbie. she had them too. and LABS! you are raking in the dachie stuff, huh? that towel is too,too cute.

  4. Jone dear- my hand-painted card and envelope will be framed a.s.a.p. They are absolute treasures and the written message went straight to my heart dear friend! Did you make a stamp for the "bird in 2010 circle"? That will be another "Jone class" when I arrive on your studio doorstep! LOVE- Oolie