Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Julie A House and Creature

Taylor-  here is the front of the house with one of my special creatures entitled "picking up twigs"!!!
Thank you for the suggestion!  Danielle- lovely to hear a "noise" from you!  Good luck with the house idea.  I hope to take one more papier mache course with Julie at West Dean next winter.  Really lovely to be hearing from pantry violet girls...this is very fun....until we meet again!!!  Oolie


  1. Hello girlies, I stumbled upon your wonderful blog while doing a search for Julie. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and inspirations publicly. You are all so talented and this blog is so inspiring. xxoo

    PS love this little creature and her house.

  2. I love the house, Oolie.
    Are you in AZ right now?
    Sue is thinking of coming in Feb (!)


  3. That is a wonderful girlie. Her dress is lovely. I wish I had a dress like that. She deserves to live in such a special house. Hope you post some more soon.