Sunday, 10 January 2010

Another apron

Hi Violets,
Here is my finished apron.
Margo, can you believe I made all these french knots? I think I get it now...
The apron was easy to make just time consuming with all the stitching.
I guess my next apron project will be one following a sewing pattern. Yikes.
Have a great week everyone.
xxoo Taylor


  1. wonderful "fantasy" apron!
    I think the stitching is great! and the flowers - very cute!
    French Knots are underrated, I think!
    They can make something "averagely" nice into something really special.
    must feel good to have it done.
    will you wear it when you cut your birthday cake?

  2. Thanks Jone and Becky. Actually I am giving it to a friend as a belated Christmas present. I'll try to whip up another apron for my birthday. Maybe with some cupcakes on it.
    Becky: We could have trades- an apron for something

  3. Taylor- Hello, Hello, Hello.......! Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my mushroom tree....I am just getting started!!!! You really are "Queen of the French Knots" girlfriend! What a lovely apron!
    Fondly- Julie/Oolie

  4. Oh its lovely! Its very you as well, you have such a fabulous style....very jealous...Dx