Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Here are the fruits of my day in the studio today.
Unfortunately, I am not a photographer!
You must use your imagination....
These are really nice, I think, but you can't tell by this photo..darn
Okay, here they are a little bit "closer"
There is something a bit "Scandinavian" about them
(what do you think, Becky?)
I like the reverse out - so cool!
I love that you can just push a button and "ta da"
the colors just transform!


  1. I can imagine, and want one, a jacquard linen tablecloth made of that. a hundred years ago that's what brides got at their showers (not crotchless panties) and I have been lucky to be in the hand-me-down position when grandmas sold all that stuff at garage sales. never even used, the paper labels still on them and a pad of napkins to match. I made lots of fancy baby bibs outta them. I even wrapped my dog in white linen when I laid her to rest under a white rose bush,"Fabulous" . that stuff is gorgeous, as is your pattern.

  2. correction: I think I meant Damask, not jacquard. love that damask.

  3. These are very nice. Will they be fabric? Glad you are working on some great projects.

  4. Yes, hoping to have them produced...
    Glad you ladies like them..

  5. I love them and feeling very scandinavian at the moment......very trendy look in the UK at the moment! Pleeeese get them printed and I will be buying lengths of it....They will look stunning on the linen that Spoonflower does...

  6. Yes it´s true, they look scandinavian !
    I think they are very beautiful and I come to think about old fashion wallpapers...
    Have a lovely weekend