Saturday, 12 September 2009


I don't remember where I went, but for one of our trips this summer, I left the house (and dogs and cats) in the capable and loving hands of my friend, Anna. There was a small conflict, since she had friends coming. I suggested they stay in our house to give everyone a little more room. Well, I think that I got the lucky end of that stick! This is what arrived in the mail last week, as a "thank you" for staying at the house.....WOW! What an apron! Isn't it the fanciest thing you ever saw?! I think I need to go out dancing in it......
'course, you don't get the full effect with it lying on the bed. I will post another photo tomorrow of me wearing it. 
Thanks to Anne, whose company is "Hankie Pankie." Her site is:      Check it out!  xo


  1. okay! After I finish all the outside clean-up! I will put it on!
    xo Jone

  2. Very colorful and inspirational

  3. squeeeeeeeal! what a fun fabric. I think you have to explain what caritas are to about 90% of the population, though. also called mascaras de coco. my favorite is the tomato. maybe the lemon too. and the carrot. and the turnip. Fantastic! good ol' Alexander Henry does it again!