Saturday, 19 September 2009


This summer I have been stitching these fabric houses.  The idea was to put them on top of jam jars (I have made 14 pots of raspberry jam in various sized pots, we had a lovely morning the boys and I picking a large tub full), however now I am not sure if I should put them on top of jars now and have no idea what quite to do with them.  Any ideas out there?



  1. Oh Joanna! How wonderful to see a post from you!!! And aren't your houses magnificent! I am totally in love and ready to "move in"...maybe the tall yellow one.....
    I think that however you plan to use them is perfect! They are so wonderful that they would be great on jars, or simply lined up as they are in this photo. Do the boys wish to "play" with them? And make a town? Thanks SO much for sharing them!!!!! xoxo

  2. wow, you have been busy...those 'quiet' weeks with no news from Jo in Bath were obviously a hive of activity! I think that the houses are spectacular and definitely a direction for you as they are stunning even in a photo....They should be sewn onto jam jars as they are all so individual they should each have their own 'pedestal' and they can still be standing in a street!
    Oh I do miss you...