Friday, 4 September 2009

great ideas

Thought that you would all like this stunning blog that I found, Jill Wignall draws something that she sees EVERY day onto a white postcard....what a lovely alternative to a diary.....


  1. Love those line drawings. Look a lot like the stitching you have been showing Danielle. Love that stuff.

  2. okay, now that is a very good idea. I also know of someone (inspired by someone else) who takes a photo every, single day of something that may be mundane, but that captures her attention. At the end of a year, she has a little Book of Days to describe her year in a unique way.... I just love both of those ideas.... hmmm, how about a self=portrait of some sort (any medium) done each day...or one a week, or a month? Hmmm, maybe too much work....