Monday, 21 September 2009


As Taylor and Danielle have set a precedent by putting their kids stuff on the blog, I thought I would share with you the "pod of killer whales" my son made out of lego, that greeted me yesterday.  How clever is that.
Thought I would also share the fish tank too.  Beinn asked for a fish, (I am not partial to the responsibility of animals, my children are enough as far as I am concerned) so  made him one out of felt and put a interesting lid on the top.  He was happy, sort of!


  1. LOTS of "ooohs and aaahs" from us here! (Sue and me) The lego killer whales almost bring tears to my eyes - memories of the hours spent making things... I LOVE LEGO!!!
    And the fish tank is RIGHT up my alley! We had a fish that lived forEVER!!! I think the felt one in the jar is fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing, Joanna!
    (my kid doesn't do much that I can share on the blog....)

  2. Fantastic and a promising career in so many fields with lego killer whales. Maybe some pretend food for the poor fish and a friend(like an eel? )

  3. mmmm so you are nurturing a budding artist!
    Love the idea of a pod of whales, obviously your little one likes quantities.....Love the fish too and the running theme of jam jars...