Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Retail Therapy

So much to show you, though I will split the difference between Pantry Violets and Polka Dot Ponie.....

Today, I did a little "retail therapy" and thought I'd give you a peek.....

Can you believe it?!  This is a teatowel from TJ Maxx! I fell in love and plan to make a bag out of it, with a plaid towel that came with it as the lining....yummy!

...and this is from my mantle, with my purchase (see below) and how beautifully it fits right in. It was called "Paris Green Vase" could I pass it up?

Last, but certainly not least, are the teatowels with my new buttons scattered on top. Who knew that JoAnn Fabric would have buttons to rival Le Drogerie in Paris? They will be perfect for my latest project, which I cannot show until Julie gets her package tomorrow.....c'est la vie.

ps. sorry that my photos are so "shakey"... wish I had the steady hand of a photographer..... like Becky...

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  1. We could be great friends..Pink is my middle name!!!