Wednesday, 9 September 2009

m*A*g*I*c bracelets

Here are two of the bracelets that I have made in the past week. I am very pleased with myself! I think that they look like fairies should be wearing them. I am experimenting with many different colors and combinations (ribbons, beads and buttons) and find that each bracelet makes me happier than the last.
I feel so lucky, dear ones, that we were all at Briancon and had the opportunity to just create things. I have finally given myself permission to make whatever I want to make - follow any whim - and I am encouraging my friends to do the same. I have started challenges with one friend and with another, we will experiment with materials we have not used before. I am  giddy with anticipation.....


  1. I do love all your "creations" Jone, as well as having a sneak view of your studio and vegetable garden. By the look of your potager, that husband of yours look like a SERIOUS gardener.

  2. it is truly his passion......and it transports us to sit in it in the evening. we feel as if we are "elsewhere".....