Sunday, 6 September 2009

"Tack so mycke"

For my dear friends in Sweden, I want to share with you these plates that have been in my family a long time. After my daddy passed away, my mom said that I could have them and they hang in my kitchen above the doorway, so that I see them every time I pass through. I love them dearly and can still hear my daddy's voice speaking to his "mama-lille" (which is not spelled right, I am sure) There are certain things that I hear him say to me, as well, at times when I feel the need to talk to him. His voice has never left me and I am so grateful for that.

'Nite, 'nite, Daddy.... I love you 
 xo  Ponie


  1. Jone, one of the plates says "thank´s very much" and the other one says " you´re welcome".
    It´s very special to hear someones voice inside your head,
    your father must have been a great man!
    Have a nice day Jone, and " tack så mycket" for everything you are giving!

  2. oh becky, thanks!
    yes, I did know what they say because as kids we felt very special to practice "speaking" in Daddy's language by saying the words on the plates a lot.

    We also used to make him repeat the Swedish "tongue-twister" about the 77 seasick sailors over and over.. and OVER!

    I loved listening to him talk to my grandmother, whom we called MorMor, though she should've been FarMor to us. My cousins were older, though, so we just called her what they did.

    xoxoxo jone

  3. MorMor and FarMor and Tack so Mycke were a few of the words I learned in Stockholm in '78. of course a few swear words too. I can still count a little bit. maybe to twelve.