Sunday, 6 September 2009

Studio and Garden

I was excited to get this shot of the bees enjoying the butterfly bush, though only one of them is in focus. These blossoms have the most wonderful, intoxicating scent....
Nasturtiums in the veggie garden - in great numbers. This is a huge cascade of orange, yellow and green. I think that the round leaves may be my very favorite. We cut them and put them in a vase on the table. I never knew that these flowers had such a delicate scent... mmmmm. 
Last year, Cullen planted gourds so that I could play with painting them. We ended up with soooo many! This year, the "volunteers" that have been "doin' their thing" and are quite impressive.
Cullen loves the garden. It is one of his passions. This is the arbor with raspberries and grapes, that he has nurtured for the past few years. We have had a great harvest so far, and anticipate several more weeks of luscious berries and yummy grapes!

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  1. Nice walk to your studio. Everything looks so peaceful.