Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sewing frenzy

Here's an apron I have almost finished. I just have to figure out how to do the buttons in the back. It was looking very plain so I tried out these new flowers on it. Maybe too mish mash. Becky, do you see the one dedicated to you? Still thinking of what to add to it. Any ideas? Then I have another apron pattern to make and a cute dress that looks like a challenge to sew.
Guess who made this little pin cushion? Can you believe the little Miss made this on my sewing machine- and didn't even jam the machine AND it was her idea to make it? They have just started using the sewing machine in her fashion class. Who would think? Hmm maybe by December she can sew up that challenging dress for me.
Hope everyone is doing well. Miss the chit chat around the big table.


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  2. Taylor

    Had to delete what I wrote due to a bad spelling. The work looks great. Glad to hear that the week with us has influenced Chloe.
    Can we all come to the catwalk when she makes it in fashion

  3. I´m honoured!
    I have a polkadotted flower dedicated to me. Thank YOU!

  4. so Chloe did absorb a little bit of Briancon, don't give it too much attention though otherwise she won't do any more!!! dress/apron is very cool, would make some great christmas presents!

  5. I love the apron with the flowers.....and I KNOW that Chloe got a little something from being at could she not? We are all so fabulous! Surely a bit of "us" rubbed off on her...right?
    Seriously, I think it is cool that she is in that class and I hope that you will continue to be able to share her projects with us!