Thursday, 3 September 2009


So, today I did some retail therapy in Albuquerque. My friend, Jodi and I had a great time. I wanted to share some photos with those of you who are not familiar with "Anthropologie" .... It is truly a "mecca" of sorts for those of us who tend toward the "right sides of our brains"......

Here is the front of the store with their "fall" display of cascading orange "sticks" stretching across the doorway...and into the display window...

This is an example of my favorite thing about the store - the displays! The imagination and inventive humor used to create the environment 4 times a year is astounding... These letters are large (!) and covered in strips of cardboard that has been painted yellow and attached with tacks. See on top of the shelves? They are everywhere you look - and make me smile...
This is a wonderful little sketchbook that has the best colors in the cover weaving.. I probably should have bought this one...hmmmmm..
These are pretty fabulous. The images are beautifully painted and have French words and phrases on them. There is a whole set - around eight different plates. I guess I now have an even softer place in my heart for anything pretty and "French"
I love how these looked all stacked up. They are little measuring bowls (1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, etc) The colors are so rich and the designs so nice. I also like the butter dish to the right...
I have a few more photos to post tomorrow.. such a fun place filled with inspiration.


  1. has anyone asked you to leave a shop yet, or have you got a spy camera!!?!
    Actually, very jealous, not only you have one of those trendy 'must see but there isn't one in London shops', but you live near the most cool sounding town in the world, aaannnd you have time to go shopping!!

  2. Jone, those french dishes are made in france by Nathelie Lete. She is the artist I went to visit while I was in Paris. She makes a lot of really cool stuff and illustrates books. I think she has just finished a book on Little Red Riding Hood that looks wonderful- and a good way to practice your French.

  3. wow - taylor, that is so cool! I love the plate with the mushrooms and may need to go back and get it. (I was trying NOT to spend any money)

    Danielle, there ARE cool stores in London!! I have been in them. I think that Sue and I need to come "show you around" HA! I actually wish that I could make myself do the work that will pay $$ right now. I have zero self-discipline at the moment....I need to grow up!