Saturday, 19 September 2009

Seed Boxes

I have been busy with my papier mache seed boxes.  I make the box myself and then have covered it in paper and added the lovely french illustrations. (Many thanks to Julie's workshop last year) Plus I have been busy collecting seed and have made my own seed packets and called them Larkhall Seeds as I live in a part of Bath called Larkhall.  It is a beautiful autumn day here and thought I would pick a small bunch of flowers from my garden to show off the boxes.  Do you thinks friends and family would like these as christmas presents?  Am hoping so. Joanna


  1. mmmm well I would love to get one for christmas.... they are great, but I do hope you have n't cut up that amazing book!?!?
    Love D

  2. NoI have not and I realise everyone is worried about that book they so covet. The scanner has now become my new best friend and the book is safe and intact.