Sunday, 27 September 2009

Together Again

Well, ladies, I hope all your ears have been burning because you have been talked about over and over again! As far as we are concerned, you are all here with us! Here are just a few photos from last Thursday and the fun we had....
DOODLET's is a shop that is so much fun! I worked here when I first moved to Santa Fe and still do the ads. We thought these hats were pretty special!

"Princess Julie" at "Poem" which is another really wonderful shop that I like to visit often.

And Sue, in the same shop with a very cool little green felt hat on - darn cute!

We had to stop for lunch at San Francisco Street Bar & Grill to maintain our energy level....

....and then Sue realized it was time for bed....or something!

It is Sunday night, now, and Julie and I are missing Sue, who left on Friday. We did work on some pretty neat things today, after breakfast at the Teahouse. Tomorrow, I will post some of our "Retail Therapy" finds and some of the things we have made.....xoxo


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun, thank´s for sharing!
    Wish "we" could have been there too!

  2. all my favorite places too, don't cha kno... the grilled cheese sandwich on black bread with pesto and purple onions (and fries!) is my favorite at San Francisco Bar and Grill. try one at home! of course, anything with melted cheese is good.

  3. you have had some fun! those hats are hysterical, did you actually walk out in public with them on?
    I am very envious of the time that you have spent together, so good that you managed it, there are always so many other 'needs' !

  4. oh i need direction too.
    love this, gals...miss you madly!!!