Saturday, 19 September 2009

I belong to Alice

Alice is a friend of mine who most people in Bath know, she is just one of those type of women. She has a sister-in-law, called Becs, who when anyone meets says "so you belong to Alice".  It always makes me laugh, as she is a grown woman.  So I made this little brooch which says "I belong to Alice".  Am presently making her a little house out of papier mache.

A bit of autumn sunshine from the garden


  1. Love the houses. I like them just the way they are lined up. Maybe friend of Alice can live in one and than you can make a friend of Becs for another. Very fun. All the pictures were great.

  2. I think that "I Belong To Alice" is great!!!!! xo

  3. Lovely photographs, Joanna. Think Alice sounds a hoot!