Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Farmer's Market

Santa Fe Tuesday Farmer's Market
I went this morning to get some tomatoes, since we do not have them in the garden yet, and found so many that I could hardly make a choice.
I took a few photos so that you could all see that we, too, have some pretty nice fresh markets here in the United States. Of course, the photos really do not do it justice, especially since the Saturday Market is the one that is so amazing, but at least you will get an idea.
Check out my blog    for more photos

Aren't these pretty? They are "smudge" sticks to clear out all the evil bad energy...

Margo, this one is for you! Really cute little cowgirl tote made from a dish towel.

HONEY!  Lots of it! ..yummmmmmm......

This guys was playing his guitar and selling his wares. He was nice to let me take a picture.

More smudge sticks... these wrapped with wonderful rainbow colored twine.
I love the way they look in a big pile like this... so happy!


  1. oooh jone, so good to talk to you last night, a real tonic. xx
    It looks like you live in a completely wonderful place. our farmers markets look much less interesting and we have no one strumming a guitar!

  2. Santa Fe is pretty great, I must say, when I take the time to appreciate it...
    WoNdErFuL to talk with you, too xoxo makes me miss you even more!
    Have a safe trip, my friend, and take photos to show us...

    ps. where are those photos you promised me?........xo