Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Thought about all of you today. Taught a small craft class to some lovely young ladies. We had a good time making "Wish Candles" by using watered-down glue brushed over colored tissue on a candle in a clear glass. We cut out things that make us happy....and words to describe things that make us happy and glued them on, too. Everyone had a good time and was pleased with their results.
Rather than showing my half-finished candle, I have chosen to show something else that makes me happy - little houses cut from paper. They are only 2" - 2 1/2" tall and I love them!

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  1. Hey darling !!! as you read form my blog you see why I have had no time and no energy for anything other then getting through each moment .But I had to take 2 seconds before falling asleep exhausted to say I am sooo proud to see you in blog land .When all is settled down I will get in touch. Hugs J