Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ladies! I encourage you to come up with a challenge for our group. 
We talked about it in France and never made the list. I know that none of us really has any time, so it is the perfect thing to encourage our spirits to find an hour, or two, somewhere in the day (or week) to create with each other something that makes us feel like we have done something magical for ourselves, right? As summer is winding down, there are things that are a little "bittersweet"... So, what if we did those bittersweet thoughts and feelings of summer? It can be any medium and we have the rest of the month of August to finish it - what do you say? 
This photo is in the garden room of our house when you first walk in, and represents my love of color and simplicity....wish my life really was like this....sigh....


  1. Jone please see next post, am working in spirit on this all the time.