Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Ok Jone, Thanks for the challenge.  I have finished my bag, you can't see it all in this picture, but it does look great.  I have kept it plain inside in the end and put the Aunt Violet's Pantry stitching inside. It is now hanging in our bathroom.  Thought you might also want to see a picture of Womad, the whole site was filled with hundreds of these beautiful silk flags in endless colours that filled the skyline and made a wonderful flapping sound.  Spent yesterday constructing a giant rocket out of a fridge freezer box for the boys, does that count towards my 2 hours of creativity, they were both very happy and spend a wet day drawing all over it? Will try to be inspired in Corsica.


  1. your flags look like the prayer flags in Bhutan...
    my hubby was there and brought back wonderful photos of the people and the flags...and the landscape. I want to visit there.

    enjoy Corsica! sounds like a wonderful vacation. take lots of photos and pick up some things to make a "little Corsica creature".....xo

  2. Joanna! The bag looks fabulous! Have a great time in Corsica!