Sunday, 16 August 2009

Julie things

Here are some of my Julie pieces. The huge ship is very old - it has wire steam coming out of the chimneys

Some of the others are ones I made on Julie's workshops - I'm a Little Fairy and The World is my Lobster and Irresistible Bowel.

Watching a Disturbance of Clouds and Trust Me I'm a Rabbit are two of my favourite Julie pieces


  1. They are lovely Cynthia. Thank you for posting them.

  2. now THAT is a collection - wow.
    I love the names so much!!! And that boat......
    I do not have any to share, since I only have known about her work from photos and one, or two, that friends of mine have collected..
    One of the great things about the workshop was to meet Julie and see and "touch" her little gems.
    Thank you for sharing! xo Jone

  3. mmmm completely beautiful, its the names also that make them so stunning.
    feel very intimidated!!