Sunday, 30 August 2009

sew little time

Hello Pantry Gals,
Here are some pictures for you.
First is my bits bag overflowing with wonderful pieces to be made into treasures, hopefully someday soon. Still on the flower craze but want to work on some fabric necklaces soon.

And this is a bracelet I made for a friend (sorry a repeat from my other blog). I think it turned out pretty well. Lots of yummy velvet and some retro underneath. An amazing amount of books are out right now on everything but I have been on a magazine craze (actually nothing new there) and have been inspired by so many pages. If you need more info on what books or magazines to refer to for what you want to know or see please ask me. Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. love the velvet bracelet! a LOT! very subtle and beautiful.
    your "bits bag" looks a lot like mine...overflowing! it makes me feel good to be able to take it with me, though, everywhere I go.

    thanks taylor!

  2. mmmm really love your much are you selling it for...I know at least 5 women here in London who would pay handsomely for it!

  3. Thanks Danielle. I'll make you one. We need to talk about a trade anyway. I'll email you about it soon.