Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I started these a while back, but finishing them seemed appropriate for the "Bittersweet End of Summer  Challenge" ....
Mushrooms / Toadstools grow rampant in the mountains above Santa Fe this time of year. It is moist with afternoon showers and shady under the pines and aspens.
With what we did in France (create!) and what I love (felt and color) and the time of year..my contribution is these little toadstools....two so far and many more on the way, since that seems to be how they are. You find one and then as you walk along, there are hundreds in your path...

(photo is out my back door)


  1. well you know how felted up I am at the moment,so the toadstools look like they belong here in MY kitchen....but it is the pic of your view out of your back door....it explains your peace,.......

  2. really? hmmm, and sometimes I forget to look at it. Actually, that is one of the small mountains, "Monte Sol"...the big ones are tough to photograph from my house. I will take some this week so you get a feel for where I am. my house is not nearly as picturesque as Sue's.. xo