Monday, 17 August 2009

I received a letter from Julie TODAY, so I have something to post.
I also bought a couple of my favorite books at Powell's Book Store in Portland, OR - wow!
The "Alice" is Lisbeth Zwerger, one of my absolute favorite illustrators. My copy is well-worn, but this is for a friend.
The "Aesop's" is one I had growing up and I needed to have my own copy. I have a collection of books illustrated by Alice & Martin Provensen and am thrilled to have found this one.

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  1. ooooh....
    another spooky moment!
    I have collected all of Lisbeth Zwerger books, but do not have her Alice in Wonderland! But I also have some lovely children's books from the fifties.
    Ha! I do need to see you wonderful american ladies soon!