Monday, 3 August 2009

This weekend was the fair in Santa Fe and it was a very slow show. However...I met some lovely people with whom I hope to work in the future! It was grand, in that respect, though I do not think my heart was 100% on doing it the right way. Here is a photo of my hearts and birds, though the booth itself was NOT one to make you want to stop and look (!) It was fun, though and the weather great.


  1. Very pretty Jone. Do you still have birds that you didn't sell? I would love to buy one. Glad you figured out this blog stuff.

  2. Taylor! so sweet of you! I do have a few birds left (sold five of them) but if you really want one, I will make you a special one. Do you like felt or papier mache? They all have pretty great personality!

  3. Jone

    Good to see your felt work and papier mache. They looked lovely. I keep meaning to dig out my christmas stockings and send you some images will do in due course. Spen last night at friends making 22 cushion covers for our kindergarten, it is very easy to get side tacked from your own creativity.


  4. Jone,
    I want a felt one or maybe one of each. I do like paper mache stuff too.
    Can't wait to see them in real life. xxoo,taylor

  5. What a beautiful collection!
    Would have loved to take some "Close-ups" of the hearts!

  6. xo I have to say that what I do I do for myself! It gives me such pleasure and I guess that there is nothing bad about that, is there....It is very nice, though, when others find pleasure in the little things, too.
    Becky, soooo many more hearts since I got home! hmmmm, maybe that should be a challenge one day, too.

    Taylor, birds will be on the way when done....xo