Monday, 26 October 2009

What's in the pantry today?

Hello Friends,
Hope everyone is doing well. I am gearing up for chilly winter. I guess it is time to say my final goodbyes to summer. At least I have some summer fabric to inspire me. These are two pieces I found at the antique mall. One is going on my apron and the other maybe a large bag.

Below are two pages I did for an altered book swap. I like the rich colors.(told you winter...)
We are deciding what color to paint our kitchen /family room. I vote for pumpkin, but Chloe wants this beigee-taupe color and husband wants... who knows what. Actually I don't care as long as it gets done. He started the project when we were in France and never finished. No furniture in that room since then. A boy came over to sell us some stuff for a fund raiser and he asked us how long we lived in our house. He was shocked when I said 11 years. I told him we kept it clear for dancing. He was impressed, but then I felt it wouldn't be good to lie to a ten year old so I came clean. Anyway any color (but peach) as long as it is soon.
Sewed a bunch of petals today during our all day in service. I was glad to have it with me in my little bag. Have a great week gang. xxoo t


  1. glad you are doing these books, taylor.
    I have never tried it, but think it is such a cool medium of expression.

  2. I'm impressed with your quick thinking when asked about your room that you had the idea that you all danced as a family!! we sometimes dance but the children just laugh at us..... I like the idea of pumpkin, but the colour behind your fabric swatches is a lovely crushed raspberry colour, which would be so feminine and romantic!

  3. ps. I always go for "green"......but it is not the color for everyone OR everything....
    hmmmmm, raspberry (a little deeper) could be nice, or more of a "watermelon"....I like the "pumpkin, too.....