Wednesday, 14 October 2009

On Their Way....

"Alice and the Caterpillar" got in the box and took off to California today to "audition" for a spot in the March Issue of Somerset Studio magazine. It was quite a "send-off" since I was running late to pick up Grayson at soccer......whew! .....made it with time to spare.....

If you would like to see more details, please check out ""  xo


  1. jone! I am entirely enchanted. what rabbit hole did I fall down? love,love,love them!

  2. That is amazing Jone. I am sure it will be cast in that issue.

  3. Oooh its a masterpiece! Alice in wonderland is such a good subject and you have certainly done it justice!
    You are really getting into sculpture which is a challenge...
    I hope you are lucky with the magazine....will they send it back to you?

  4. yes...they will decide and choose for the issue and then send it back when they are done. Don't know when it all happens, but in the next two to three weeks, I imagine...

  5. Jone

    this is just so beautiful. I love alice in wonderland and it just makes you feel like she does, "what on earth is going on in this crazy new world" I hope it wins.