Thursday, 22 October 2009


So, I have been in the studio working on Christmas cards and thought I'd post a few so you could see what it is that I really do ........

This one still needs some work... maybe some words?

I love her, but must re-do so that you can read "Magic of Christmas"....

These two are images put together for wrapping paper.
What do you think? Some may end up as cards, too, though...

Off to do more...I am starting to get "In the Spirit"...... xoxo


  1. Golly, Jone you are so talented and it all looks like it comes so easily and fluidly! These illustrations are breathtaking and so popular... Do you do them for a card company or are you going to print them yourself? I love the swiss/swedish folk look to them... so warm and cosy.

  2. Lovely, lovely make me think about artstamps!
    Have you designed artstamps too?
    Have a nice and creative day

  3. Thanks, ladies.
    These are for cards with a company called "design/Design"...
    I will send them for approval very soon, though I am still working on fabric right now.
    Glad you like them!