Monday, 12 October 2009

bits book

Hey Violets,
I have started a little book that is just made up of bits and (oh sad sad, I can not longer remember that expression. I know it is not bits and pieces. It is something much more charming) anyway, the book will just be made of scraps. Here are a few pages I started- but nothing is finished. I still need to add words and pen doodles and more galore. If you want to see more I put another page on my Half Full blog.

n other news, Danielle I saw your Selvedge thank you letter and cute picture taken by Becky. I bet the readers will now be extra sad they couldn't attend. Wow it is amazing all the sewing going ons in England. I sure wish I could be there shopping and gasping at such beauty.
Not much else here. Chloe asked to use the sewing machine again(out of boredom) and didn't break it and today she had to practice her running stich by hand. Not sure how the lay out of all of this will look as it is looking very odd right now. Sorry. Hope everyone is well and creating. I still have to finish that apron.
xxoo Taylor


  1. Oooh these sketch books full of 'bits and bobs' are great!
    I like your painting style very much and I think you are a dark horse!!!
    more please....

  2. Taylor - LOVE the "bits book" concept...a LOT!
    Keep up the good work!