Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Kisses Make it better

I have been working on this doll for a while, but wanted to make a box for it before I showed you all.  I was inspired by julie's "ointment" doll.  So all the parts are detachable using a popper.  It then went on to become a play toy for children, you know how they love to make dolls sick and want to make them better.  Then I thought of the song "head, shoulders, knees and toes" and have put that text around the box and also added my son's little picture of a body.  A friend of mine who is my age has had a hip replacement and has done a lot of work on pain.  She told me how lots of people don't know the names of the parts of their bodies and how this then makes it hard for doctors to help them get better.  So I also thought how good it would be for children to learn about the parts of their bodies.  This goes on.  Am now thinking of making one with using the french names and writing on the box "for the english middle class parent who wants their child to learn french".  Do you think there is a market for this idea, anyway once I have completed it Iwill keep you all posted.  Joanna


  1. Joanna - this is BRILLIANT!
    ......absolutely LOVE what you have done with this doll!
    What a precious thing - box and all.
    Darn, I really miss you! Next time I see you, can we sit closer to one another?! ... please ......?
    xo Jone

  2. Fantastic. Like how one idea led to another and another.