Sunday, 4 October 2009

Lovely Flowers

Hello Ladies!
A few days ago, Oolie called and said, "You need to get over to Hobby Lobby. They have single stem flowers on SALE!" So, I did. She and I had played around with small felt flowers with little stamen in the middle (gives you something to wind the felt around) I was so happy to find exactly the flowers she was talking about:
Aren't they pretty? Almost look real in a photograph.

I tore the petals off and ended up with the different little stamen in four colors.
Then, I put them all in a little glass and, honestly, that makes me sooo happy! 
.....simple joys, ladies.......simple joys!  xo


  1. if I had seen those flowers in the shop I would have wrestled with you for them....they are gorgeous indeed! all those petals and stamens begging for some crochet!

  2. hmmm, crochet...... migth have to send you some....xo