Monday, 19 October 2009

a rose is a rose...

Today, my friend, Jodi, came over and she brought this 
MOST beautiful ROSE to me.
It is absolutely incredible!
Strong stem and the color is spectacular.
What you cannot see is that the backside of the petals are the palest yellow/cream.
It does not look real....
Another treat is this collection of bone buttons. 
When I was in Austin, my sister-in-law brought over her grandmother's box of buttons and she let me take whatever I wanted....
I am the luckiest girl I know, right now.

 I am really excited about these, in particular...
Who knows what wonderful things will be created from these lovelies.... 

ps. I dedicate the rose photo to Becky. Though it doesn't hold a candle to her photos, I am so inspired by her ability to create a tiny universe with each photo. I think of her everyday and how she sees the world with such intricate detail through her lens...thanks, Becky! xo

1 comment:

  1. Oh, thank´s for the rose my friend, what a gift!
    The rose made this day something extra, really!
    Jone, have you made contact with Linda In New Mexico?
    She is awesome and so so great! You must talk to her!
    I don´t think anything can stop me,and Sam, from going to Briançon next summer, what about you?
    Something very special is going to happen in December.....more about that later.....;)
    My biggest hug to you from me