Sunday, 20 June 2010

New Favorites

Are you tired of these yet?
I guess I just have nothing else to show......
I do love the new "hats" though.......

I thought that putting pants on these ladies might be fun..... you know, working on the field, and all.... and long, dark braids!

I think this "back view" is pretty cute....

And, this little lady has lavender on her basket.... and some purple blossoms in her hair.
The baskets will be filled with lavender.

Sweet back view....
These ladies, along with 8 others are going tomorrow to "set up" for the Lavender Festival.
Should be a wonderful weekend.

Sue and I are off to London on Thursday!!!!!!!!! Are you ready, Danielle?


  1. No, I'm not at all tired of the ladies. They are all great. How did the goats turn out?

  2. I really like the pants. they are very,very cute. nice job jone!