Thursday, 17 June 2010

not long now!

Bought this gorgeous book at the V&A on textile designs that reminded me soo much of Oolie cos these are exactly the kind of fabrics that I hope to spy in her stash of goodies that she will undoubtedly bring with her to Briancon!
So looking forward to seeing you all again, and even those not present will be with us in spirit I am sure!
Bon Voyage!

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  1. Dear Danielle-
    I could easily load up an entire suitcase of fabrics to turn into flowers or whatever Julie has in mind for us this workshop!!!!! The challenge is deciding what to leave at home....! Rest assured, there will be some vintage "goodies" to share!!!! Have a blast with Jone and Sue racing all over London.....I'll be with you all in spirit, especially for the shopping part of it! LOVE- Oolie