Thursday, 3 June 2010

floppy flower

Hello Violets!
I cannot seem to figure out how to turn this photo around so you will need to crank your neck and head sharply to the left to view this properly!!!!!!! This is my new seersucker dress to wear in Briancon embellished with a "floppy flower" hot of the press.....I just tied the last knot on it! I also cannot figure out how to post more than one photo at a time (could be a good thing for all of you!!!!!!!)......the second photo showed its entire length which has one more flowered leaf and at the bottom of the stem there is are about 3 inches of red polka dot fabric. This dress may become a uniform worn daily in Briancon which a change of undies and jewelry only! Won't be long now Violets!!!!!! Keeping you all close till we meet in So. France. LOVE- Oolie


  1. Can't wait to see you in that lovely dress!
    With love

  2. That will look great on your sewing adventure. take some pictures.

  3. I laughed so hard when I read that you couldn't turn the photo! I guess that I need to show you how to do that - as well as add more photos!

    LOVE the seersucker! and the flower is perfect with it! I can see why you were so darned excited (!!!!!!!) yippee!!!!

    Well done, Oolie! Talk soon? (How are things?)

  4. oh wow, you are going to look soooo briancon!
    looking forward to seeing everyone again and remembering great conversations from last year.....those who will not be there in body will be there in spirit I'm sure