Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A Summer's Day

LOOK at these poppies!
I was driving along today and saw these and just had to stop and take a photo!
I am learning to keep my camera with me all the time....

And, in the heat we have been having (June is definitely the hottest month in Santa Fe) my cats have decided that our bedroom is the coolest place to be during the day. Each time I walked in there today, they were both stretched out on the bed, enjoying the peace and "quiet cool"
Above is Miss Marble Fat Cat, who sleeps at my feet at night....and below is Miss Pearlie-Whirl, who sleeps right next to Grayson's head all night long (!) Sometimes she steals his pillow away from him - such a spoiled little Princess!

1 comment:

  1. they are the most special of sisters. of course, Pearly Girly is pretty special to me. I love them! and the goats you are making are quite wonderful too. have a nice weekend. I am inspired to do exactly what they are doing. just hangin'. but duty calls.