Wednesday, 16 June 2010

garden gnome

I think my little garden gnome is going to pull a fast one and escape to join the Skating Monkey and other like minded characters in Vintage Fairy Land while I am away stitching in Briancon!!!!! I will be very upset he he makes off with my prized English cement mushrooms! He'll get searched at Customs in Sweden for trying to bring food products into the country.........HA! I've laid out my clothes for I need to put half of them back in the closet! The weather report looks a bit cooler than last summer's heat wave. I start my travels a week from today.....YIPPEE! Love- Oolie


  1. No no it's totally OK to bring the mushrooms!!!!
    There are no customs in The Vintage Fairy Tales!
    The Skating Monkey is already waiting for his new friend.
    Oolie, you have to give the gnome guy a little warning though,
    there is no excuse for being late for the afternoon tea.

    Where do you go before Paris, Briançon?

  2. I think that your cement toadstool may end up in Santa Fe - forget Sweden! hmmmm, though, that little guy would really enjoy the Vintage Fairy Tales.
    Maybe everyone should simply meet up in the conservatory at Briancon.

    ONLY 14 DAYS!!!!!!!


  3. Becky- Good to know about "no customs" in The V.F.T. I'll mention the tea rule!!!!! I hope to make it to MARIAGE FRERES in Paris to procure some "French Blue Flower Tea", per Julie Arkell's suggestion! I arrive in Paris early the A.M.of June 28th, and take a 2:05 P.M. express train from Paris on June 30th and arrive in Angouleme at 4:21 P.M. What are your travel arrangements, my dear?
    Jone-Laurel would get annoyed by the creepy blue eyes staring out from this gnome and would often face him backwards just to annoy me....! Those cement toadstools were discovered at a Denver summer outdoor antique market and are really just the best! They seem to be happy in the gnome wheelbarrow at present! I think that the conservatory is going to ROCK this summer at Briancon....see you there dear friend!
    LOVE to both of you....thank you for your wonderful comments! Oolie

  4. I am not part of your wonderful sisterhood but I would keep an eye on the gnome. And please please post a picture of the skating monkey because I have never seen one of those.