Saturday, 5 June 2010


Here is a goat.
I am working on doing several of these in papier mache on boxes for my friend Penny at Los Poblanos. I think they will be pretty cute, when I actually have the shape in order.
Below are three goats in different stages - wire, minimal paper tape and more paper tape.
The next step is the actual papier mache. I hope that I will get better at the shape as time goes on, since it does not seem to be quite right yet. Practice makes perfect.......


  1. Jone- These wee little goats are really coming together! I was in my favorite toy store in C/S and almost bought you a darling baby goat stuffed animal, but figured you were heading in the right direction all on your own!!!!!!! I am the pantry violet that continually needs "visual" direction.....not you girlfriend!!!!! I had a lovely chat with Julie Arkell yesterday.....she has some "yummy" sounding projects in store for us!
    And I discovered a few charms in my button collection so I think I am in good shape for this workshop. LOVE- your Oolie

  2. Those goats will be adorable.

  3. mmm I love goats.....I remember one eating my dress when I stayed with my grandmother in Spain! yours look very cute Jone....xx