Friday, 11 June 2010

early summer bouquet

Dear Pantry Violets-
These are my all time favorites: bleeding hearts, forget-me-nots and lilly-of-the-valley which grace the more wooded, shaded side of our yard. When I see them peeking out under the cover of trees and bushes I am so happy!!!! And they don't last very long here in Colorado so you have to enjoy them quickly....which I do in small bouquets! Is it too early to start laying out outfits and workshop supplies? I may start so I don't end up in a panic and take too much stuff like last year, where I brought mostly the wrong stuff!!!! 19 days and counting Violets!
See you soon! LOVE- Oolie


  1. The lily of the valley out the size of that bouquet in perspective - TINY!
    Just my size!

    I already have things out on the guest bed....clothes and "stuff"
    I don't hink it is ever too early!
    Oh Boy, oh boy....
    World Cup Soccer is on - USA vs Britain!

    Is everyone watching?