Saturday, 19 June 2010

Liberty print flower

Dear Violets-
This is my last stitched flower before I get on an airplane next week!!!!!!! The bills need paying and I have 1,000 things to attend to before leaving for a month! I just bought new could not have Oolie running around the SouthWest of France in old, grey dishwater colored undies with no "snap" left in them!!!!!!! I need to organize my cosmetics, meds, travel info and put half of the clothes away that I have laid out. What I could really use is a valet traveling with me so I could bring everything and have room to bring treasures home with me.....not happening! Good luck to all.....see you soon......! LOVE- Oolie


  1. LOVE that flower - a LOT!
    And isn't it beautiful against the red?

    In the studio all day long - got quite a bit done.
    Still more to do, though - always!

    Love you! Glad you liked your "box"...

  2. We Love you even with grey undies!
    See you soon!
    Love/ Becky