Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I missed you. Please show me pictures of what you did, made and saw and fill me in.
Italy was beautiful. I am in love with Venice.


  1. Oh Taylor, we missed you, TOO!
    You were in our thoughts and on our lips in conversations daily. I know that you were there in spirit the whole time!!!!!

    LOVE this photo, even if it is a bit blurred. It is like a watercolor of the gondolas......how romantic....
    I am not surprised that you fell in love with it.

    I'll post photos soon of all the stuff, my friend.
    Happy Memories!

  2. hello taylor - you dont know me but i wont let that hold me back. i too love venice, the italians call it 'la serenisima' how romantic is that! for me its the most beautiful, haunted place ive ever been - if it wasnt for the modern wiring on the outside of the buildings you could be forgiven for walking up a quiet little street and thinking you had landed straight back in the 15th century.