Thursday, 15 July 2010

Some things I have been up to

Hi Violets,
Here are some pictures of things I have been working on. The first one is my little Italy book. It is actually finished. More pages can be seen on my other blog.

This is a stitchery project I am hoping to finish soon. I'll show it again when I am done. I got the idea from an on line class I took with Teresa McFaddin of Paper Bella. She is very talented. Hmm Danielle, maybe you should offer some on line classes- especially one about crocheting. I tried to get my friend to teach me while in Paris and the result was only a very large laugh at my expense. Oh well, I'll keep trying.
As you know, I have really enjoyed hearing about and seeing what you have all done in France (and London). Please continue to post.
xx the pantry violet armchair attendee


  1. How wonderful to see your beautiful Italy notebook.
    Taylor, that is a treasure.

    And your stitching is really nice - looks like you really were with us in spirit! Is it going to be something special? A wall hanging? Or a piece you will applique to something else?
    ...pretty nice.......

  2. mmm I agree the stitchery is sooo arty! Your eclectic style works really well translated into textiles...look uo Maxine sutton, her stuff reminds me of yours,


  3. Hi Taylor! The "Italy book" is so great!
    You have really found your own style there!
    The little bird in the second pic has stolen my heart:)