Saturday, 10 July 2010


For all of you that were not able to be with us this year at Briancon, here is an introduction to L'Espace, the beautiful new barn where workshops are

Across the field of corn, you can see the barn, surrounded by trees

At a closer look, you see the beauty of the architecture and how perfect the setting is

Once inside, the size allows such peace and majesty

We filled that space pretty quickly!

On our first "hike" up to the barn, we met the sparkling building.
The landscape is still unfinished, but the location is perfect.

When you walk through the double "cathedral" doors, this is what you see.
The ceiling of this photo is the bottom of the mezzanine dormitory.
Down a couple of stairs to the left is the kitchen
Up some stairs to the right are the bathrooms....and
up from there is the dormitory.

From inside L'Espace, there is a huge garage door that opens automatically.

This door let in the light and the breeze and that glorious view.
We were quite spoiled, but I do not think any one took it for granted.

Here is the door from the outside deck, which is also spectacular...sigh ...
We worked inside and out, with this door and deck.

This gives a perspective to the massive size of the space.
We are dwarfed by the beams and columns...
The wood is rich and the stone walls stay cool.
Something so soothing and inspiring about L'Espace.....

One evening, we were lucky enough to witness this sunset.
I ran up the 50 steps (!) to grab my camera and went out on the deck.

It really symbolizes the beauty of the week and this grace of each day.

How lucky can we get?


  1. All this wonderfulness and in the middle of a cornfield? Like all your long shots too, so you can really get a feel for the place, which is perfection!

  2. I am enjoying all these pictures. Thank you so much. Looks like a lovely time again.