Thursday, 8 July 2010


I know that half of you have not even unpacked your haberdashery laden suitcases yet, but I could not resist posting the first of what will be many happy snaps of a wonderful workshop with the amazing Julie Arkell at the equally amazing Lessoeursanglaises french venue! What a week.....really missing the sewing, chats and tea breaks and the company of some very fab fellow crafters!!!
looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos....


  1. That space looks really cool. Did you have a lot more room? Good to see little glimpses of old faces- or bodies rather (but not old bodies). Hope to see more soon.

  2. I still haven't finished unpacking...I am in complete denial it can all be over! I am slightly worried where I am going to house the many 'treasures' That I found over the week! It was great to see so many old faces and enjoy getting to know the new pantry violets. Really missed you Taylor!

  3. This little moment captured in our week is telling of the busy creativity that absorbed us.
    The space looks so "cool", though it wasn't, except when the breeze went through...nice perspective...

    ...ahhhhhhh.......home again.....and the house looks pretty good (!)