Tuesday, 20 July 2010

portraits: last two days

These are the portraits that I got the last two days of our time at Briancon.
I apologize to those of you that I did not get good photos of.
Some of my photography leaves quite a bit to be desired!

love this one of Sue......sparkly girl!

Julie "Australia" - she was hiding in the back of a photo.... it's a little dark, but sweet..

Katie, I really like this one of you in your element....

Clare, this is one of my favorite photos!
........ you like like a princess walking through your garden..

ladies, sorry the sun was in your eyes, but you look so happy and relaxed....

that is all I can say about this one.....

........those who posed....

.... and the photographer!

now, these are very happy ladies!

"the spy"

Danielle in the flower frame...

" 'allo luv! "

"the Three Musketeers" at the airport
.... thanks for taking the photo, Joanna!

Hope you have enjoyed these candid shots, folks.
Even though they aren't the best, they captured a few of the silly moments and some of the sweetest.