Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Les Soeurs Anglaises

Missing you all SO much. The house, (even with the eight or so people who arrived for Jancis Robinson's weekend a few days ago) seems SO quiet!

Anyway, here are a few photographs to remind you of Julie's workshop at the beginning of the month and I shall be posting the rest on Facebook and FlickR in the next few days.

Don't know when Im going to get a chance to sit quietly in my studio and do some stitching, but keeping an eye on this blog is a continual inspiration! Keep up the good work........


  1. Oh Katie - thanks!

    Beautiful photos, as always.
    I sent you a note today - snail mail - thinking of you daily!
    Love the photo of Julie in her Red, White and Blue outfit (!) and the photo of Sue and Danielle is fantastic!
    ... mmmmmmm .... and the jam pots .......


  2. despite having seen hundreds of photos of our wonderful workshop, It's still great to see more! Hope you are all well in beautiful Briancon...

  3. lovely Katie, love the tea cups! Great pictures of Julie too. Missing Briancon, can't stop talking about it.

  4. Oh katie! you arent missing us nearly as much as we are all missing being there im sure!!!
    thanks for the lovely photos to remember that it really wasnt a lovely dream!!!

  5. You have taken some lovely photos that really capture the spirit and beauty of the week. I love all the red in the pictures.

  6. not sure how i managed to miss both Julie AND Jancis...two of my favorite J's. What a summer you've had. Sending great big love to you & Mike...I'll be back sometime!! xoxox